Northridge School Mexico came to life thanks to a group of people whose main objective was to improve the level of education amongst the future leaders in the country.

After years of planning, the school was founded in 2008 by 50 families that believed in the shared values and trusted the education of their children to this new model of education, without a doubt in their mind that this was the best way to shape their future.

At Northridge School Mexico, we work with the families in the shaping of wholesome, highly-capable Christian men, comitted to making this world a better place.

We are a community in which every part is fundamental to achieve the school’s objectives. We have a strong sense of belonging and we plan all kind of events in order to maintain that sense of belonging within our community.

We have more than 35 events year-round, but these are some of our most outstanding ones:

  • Open House
  • Bonfire
  • Camping Trips
  • Book Fair
  • Science Fair
  • Christmas Get-together
  • Computer Science Week
  • Sweetest Mom Contest
  • Math Magician
  • Math Masters
  • Live Arts Festival
  • East Egg Hunt
  • Mothers Day Celebration
  • Literature Contest
  • Construyendo Project
  • Jornada Familiar
  • Arts Closing Concert

Part of life at Northridge School Mexico is expressed through our sports and musical teams and ensembles, which give our boys the athletic and artistic skills they need to compliment our already well-rounded high academic standards.

The school’s representative teams and musical ensembles participate in national and international competitions obtaining excellent results.

Go Roosters!    Go Knights