Northridge School Mexico offers a character-shaping program. We seek for everyone within our community to be of good moral character; that is, our deeds and intentions must benefit both the individual and those around him.

Character education encompasses every implicit and explicit educational activity performed by students while building personal strengths known as virtues. We want every one of our activities to play a role in good character formation.

Good character traits are of relevance for any individual and for society as a whole. The qualities that make up a good moral character can be taught and learned, which brings us to focus on:

  • Strength of heart, interpersonal strengths and giving of oneself.  This helps us establish positive relationships with those around us.
  • Strength of will, interpersonal strengths and the will “to act”.  This helps us reach our goals.
  • Strength of mind, intellectual strength and strength of thought.  This allows us to reflect, admire and create.

Our goal is for our boys to want to be good, rather than to simply want to behave. This is why we offer a personalized advisory program, by means of which a counselor helps each boy self-evaluate based on a list of very specific strengths and virtues. This gives boys the chance to focus on their own growth and areas of opportunity, and they usually focus on two specific objectives per period. Moreover, it’s a wonderful tool for starting positive conversations.

This whole system is guided by optimistic Christian values that motivate boys into striving to become better persons through their own work and effort, aided by those around them and by their faith.