We have 7 student houses in Elementary, each representing its own virtues and competencies.

When your boy joins Northridge, he is assigned to one of these Houses, and will remain in said house through Elementary.

Students compete and represent each of their Houses in various House Celebrations held at school.


The word “knight” has various meanings. It refers to a man who is devoted to service (A gentleman) or to a man who is legendary, strong and noble. Within this framework, each House member is aware that the virtues of said Knight are the ones they must strive for.

Knights are an excellent example for our boys, who look at their strengths in order to forge their character. The names of the Houses are the same as those at Northridge Prep, our sister school in Chicago, but with their own designs. The Knight, which encompasses all our actions, symbolizes union of strengths with one same goal: The Northridge Knight.

Starting High School, each boy is assigned to a Knight House, each identified by its own coat of arms. Each insignia reflects unique arms and colors that make reference to its virtues.


Inspired by French knights; legendary guardians for Charlemagne. They seek to protect and heal and are characterized by their unique physical strength and resistance.


Inspired by English Knight Prince Rupert of the Rhine, a young soldier, irascible towards others, yet intelligent and relentless in the face of adversity.


Inspired by the white knight depicted in the Lithuania coat of arms (in the times of Algirdas). He is a man who kindly saves a company, with excellent skills for politics and resource management. He rides a white horse and holds a silver sword.


Inspired by the Red Baron, it is the nobility title that was granted to Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen. He was a highly decorated, committed and loyal German pilot, skilled in the use of new technologies.