We at Northridge School Mexico believe students must build a healthy lifestyle in every sense of the word. That is why our PE program helps them to know and internalize all those factors that will allow them to reach such a goal.

We want our boys to develop motor skills, as well as their comprehension of the various sports that we offer. This will help them appreciate physical activity and see it as a means for forging their character and for earning respect for themselves and others.

The objectives we wish to achieve through PE class are as follows:

  • Development of complex motor skills.
  • Development of a personal physical activity plan.
  • Creation of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Maintain an acceptable level of physical conditioning.
  • Be able to achieve positive social interactions while taking part in physical activities.
  • Be able to respect oneself and others.

It is in this way that physical activity will help the boys build a positive and integral life project that will translate into the strengthening of their character.