Our students are taught in a kind, yet demanding environment that will allow them to successfully obtain the needed skills and strengths needed for going into Upper Elementary.

Along with the academic formation of our students, we at Northridge understand that the formation of character in this stage of life is crucial for the overall development of our students, that is why our school includes a program that strengthens character, starting with competencies and skills in accordance to their ages. Following the school’s vision, these competencies will be aligned with the Christian virtues under the Opus Dei spirituality.

Our academic syllabus is based on the guidelines set by the Secretaría de Educación Pública, and focuses on building the skills the boys need for future school endeavors, such as:

  • Reaching linguistic abilities at the A2 level (based on the Common European Framework of Reference) both for English and Spanish.
  • Logical-mathematical thinking, as well as the necessary knowledge to sort data and solve problems as they apply to real life.
  • Skills for identifying sounds and understanding the language of music through choir and performing with a musical instrument.
  • Understanding of the various skills needed for expressing themselves via the visual arts.
  • Adequate competencies for handling digital environments and for properly incorporating technology into their learning process.
  • Understanding the importance of positive social interactions and of knowing what is going on in the world around them.
  • Facing the world with wonder, while establishing cause and effect relationships in natural phenomena.
  • Appreciation for the value of physical activities and their role in a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our faculty is highly specialized and constantly seeks to be up to date in their field of expertise in order to improve their performance in the classroom.  Moreover, each teacher works within a model of education that focuses on each boy’s academic needs.

Our school environment fosters a pleasant rapport between teachers and students, as well as cordiality among the boys, based on respect of self and of others.  Moreover, in order to strengthen their ties to the community, we organize various extra-curricular activities both inside and outside school grounds, all with the goal of fomenting friendship among teachers, students and families.

We believe deliberate practice allows for the development of any skill among our students.  This is why we offer extra-curricular activities in the fields of the arts, sports and robotics, which allow our boys to succeed in the fields they are most interested in.