After School Program

Our After School program at Northridge School Mexico seeks to enrich students’ integral formation by giving them the chance to perfect the skills they are most interested in.

With the goal of guaranteeing results, each area has proven and effective methodologies. We are constantly reevaluating our activities in order to identify any changes or advancements needed for the boys to define areas of opportunity and improve performance.


Our soccer and basketball programs operate under age-appropriate guidelines. Likewise, our Taekwondo and NSM Fit disciplines focus on developing each individual’s skills and on the formation of healthy sports values and strength of character.

Each one of our teams works under the guidance of highly-specialized coaches and trainers for each field.

Currently, Northridge School Mexico has the following representing teams:

  • 2 7-a-side Soccer categories
  • 9 Soccer categories
  • 6 Basketball categories
  • Basic and advanced Taekwondo


Our musical program offers students the opportunity to develop skills and the strength of character needed for adequate instrument performance.

Every lesson is taught by teachers who are highly specialized in each of the instruments our boys play, which are:




Double Bass







Electric Bass





These various ensembles have participated in:

Professional CD recordings.

Various concerts and presentations in renowned Mexico City venues.


Our own Live Arts Festival, which every year opens its doors to distinguished guests from all over the world.

Domestic and international tours.

We also hold alliances with the Vienna Wagner Conservatory and the Royal School of Music in London, which open the doors for students who wish to obtain recognized music certifications.


Our Robotics programs are focused on the understanding of science and technology for the areas of Robotics, Electronics and Programming. It is through creative processes and competition in these fields that our students can also attain strength of character.

Every class is taught by specialized teachers, and are divided as follows:

Creativity: Geared towards Elementary School boys who wish to express themselves through the use of digital platforms (Minecraft and Scratch) and electronic tools (LEGO, Makey Makey, Robot Dash, etc.).

Robotics Advance: Geared towards a few selected young men who will use their technical, intellectual, emotional and social skills in order to participate in various Robotics competitions, such as:

First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Tournament.
World Robot Olympiad (WRO).
Creativity: Pre-First through 6th grade.
First Lego League: 6th through 8th grade.


Our programs have the goal of bringing prompt and adequate academic aid to students who might be struggling in one or more areas. We offer individual and group tutorships that allow them to improve and build upon their academic performance.

All tutorships are offered by teachers who are specialized in their field.

Study Hall

Any boy enrolled in our sports, music or robotics after school programs will have access to teacher-guided study hall sessions where they may get a head start on homework or participate in various ludic activities.