Our Robotics programs are focused on the understanding of science and technology for the areas of Robotics, Electronics and Programming. It is through creative processes and competition in these fields that our students can also attain strength of character.

Every class is taught by specialized teachers, and are divided as follows:

Creativity: Geared towards Elementary School boys who wish to express themselves through the use of digital platforms (Minecraft and Scratch) and electronic tools (LEGO, Makey Makey, Arduino, Robot Dash & Dot).

Through the use of these tools our students are able to strengthen their spatial intelligence skills for designing 2D and 3D models, and their mathematical skills by means of programming and electronics.

Robotics Advance: Geared towards a few selected young men who will use their technical, intellectual, emotional and social skills in order to participate in various Robotics competitions, such as First Lego League and the World Robot Olympiad.

During competitions, all the boys work as part of a team to design and build autonomous robots that fulfill any proposed requirements.