Our students are taught in a kind, yet demanding environment that will allow them to successfully obtain the needed skills and strengths needed for going into High School.

Along with the academic formation of our students, we at Northridge understand that the formation of character in this stage of life is crucial for the overall development of our students, that is why our school includes a program that strengthens character, starting with competencies and skills in accordance to their ages. Following the school’s vision, these competencies will be aligned with the Christian virtues under the Opus Dei spirituality.

The structure of our academic program is based on the study plan of the Secretaría de Educación Púbiica, and is focused on helping stuents develop skills and reach goals that will allow them to continue their academic growth throughout high school and college, such as:

  • Linguistic abilities corresponding to the B2 english level, based on the European common frame as a reference, both in English and in Spanish.  This will allow students to properly speak at optimal academic profficiency levels.
  • Mathematical and logical reasoning that can be applied to everyday life, accompanied by the necessary knowledge to solve basic arythmetic, statistics, algebra and geometry problems.
  • Musical abilities that will allow them, if they wish to do so, to obtain the ABRSM 3 or Trinity 3 certification.
  • Visual Arts techniques that can be translated into the creation of useful works and objects that will help them solve problems in real life.
  • Becoming digital citizens who act responsibly within the digital realm and who are able to incorporate this part of their learning into their personal lives.
  • Understanding there are rights and obligations towards doing good, while recognizing cultural differences and proposing solutions for the world around them.
  • Planning skills that will allow them to come up with the evidence needed to support their research, with adequate models for presenting their results.
  • Appreciation for physical activity as well as understanding what its role is within a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Our teachers are of the highest academic level and specialized in their areas. Moreover, they are constantly researching in order to stay at the top of their field.  Apart from demanding high academic excellence, the teachers themselves seek to provide tailored help in order to fit the personalized needs of every student.

Our school environment allows for a close relationship between teachers and students. There is also a friendly environment amongst our students thanks to all the different academic and extracurricular activities that are held at Northridge, such as annual gatherings that are held for each class in an off-campus location, that way students and teachers can mingle outside the academic environment.

Apart from our extracurricular activities that focus on arts and sports, there are academic activities that our Middle School students excel in, such as the Math Olympics, which are held at a regional and national level.