Northridge supports continuing education of all of our parents and offers parent conferences, faith enrichment classes, committee envolment and spiritual activities in collaboration with the parish of San Josemaría in Santa Fe, and our sister school, Monteverde.

These activities can help parents to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their sons and their responsibilities as primary educators.

Because students benefit most when harmony exists between the learning environment at home and school, Northridge provides opportunities for parents to grow in the qualities of mind and character that they wish their sons to acquire.

Parent Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Conferences
  • Courses
  • Monthly retreats for moms
  • Monthly retreats for dads
  • Parent- School Committees
  • PTA- Parent and Teacher Association
  • MEGs- Matrimonios Encargados del Grupo

PTA is the Parent and Teachers Association of Northridge School.

Our mission: The commitment of parents in their children´s education by developing a sense of belonging to an educational community as a family, concerned for the welfare of all its members.

As a liaison between school and family, our objectives are to contribute to the human and spiritual formation of parents, teachers and students through the promotion and implementation of activities that promote friendship and proper integration into the educational philosophy of our school.

The Parent and Teacher Association consists of: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, five committees: Social Work, Mi Super Ayuda, Ecology, Sports and Special Events and coordinators of each grade level. These coordinators are called MEGs (Marriage Group Managers). PTA works together with our Parents Enrichment Program, set up by Northridge, for the continuing education of all our families.

Educational assistance for some families to others is the essence of the mission of the MEGs, Marriage Group Managers. Their principal function is to help other parents of their classroom know and understand our educational model and philosophy and to maintain harmony between school and family. Their goal is to foster a climate of cooperation, friendship, warmth and trust that benefits everyone, especially the children.


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