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17th of August, 2016, Newsletter #01, 2016-2017




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The Headmaster's Letter  

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Students,

On behalf of the team at NSM we wish you a warm welcome back to school! We hope that you all had productive summers and the chance to spend some time with your loved ones and family. We are looking forward to a great school year for the whole community and we are filled with positivity and hope for the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Father Bernardo Cortina for all the years of service and support he gave to the community at NSM. Father Bernardo is the founding priest at NSM and stayed with the school as it grew and changed over the years. We wish him the best of luck in Guadalajara, I am sure he will be highly successful with all the new challenges that present themselves there.

Over the last year, the Board of Directors, along with teachers and staff, developed a decalogue for the school. The goal was to create the conditions for the best educational community possible. Over the course of the next few weeks I aim to explain each point and highlight why they are key to our community.

    1. I am responsible for creating and preserving the conditions of school life, this makes it possible for each member of the educational community (parents, teachers, staff and students) to reach their fulfilment more fully and more easily.

This point sets the level of responsibility and duty that we share. It focuses on the goal of perfecting both ourselves and our students. Our mission is shared not just by the teachers or staff, but by the whole community. We are all responsible for creating a positive, affective learning environment where we can flourish.

Warmest regards,

Fernando Nájera.


1. Welcome Back to School

We are happy to welcome all the students back.

This will be another excellent school year.


2. Open Houses

We would like to invite all the parents to our Open House sessions on the following dates;

Wednesday, 24th of August at 7PM - High School

Thursday, 25th of August at 7PM - Middle School

Monday, 29th of August at 7PM - Upper Elementary

Tuesday, 30th of August at 7PM - Lower Elementary


3. Institutional packets

Our institutional packets of material for the school year are on sale all this week.

You can pay for them at the book store via cash, card, or cheque, for any payment queries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


4. Elementary / Middle School Materials Drop-Off

This Friday, August 19th, students can drop-off their materials at Northridge. We will receive materials (notebooks, textbooks, art supplies, etc.) here at the school from 8:00 am. to 12:00 pm. Textbooks and notebooks should have a cover and labeled with the students name and group.


5. Uniform Sales

You can purchase your school uniform from the 25th of August until the 1st of September.

You can pay via cash or cheque, for any payment queries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. School Dress Code

All students who have the school uniform should use it. Students who do not have the school uniform should use dark pants (grey, blue, or black), white shirt, and dark coloured blazer (grey, blue, or black).

The sports uniform should be dark sweat pants, with white sneakers and a white t-shirt.


Mom's Book Club

This summer, we will be reading "Africanus. El hijo del cónsul", Santiago Posteguillo.

We will discuss it on September, 20th.

Thank you!




Jose Luis Camarillo 1-A
August 20th
Santiago Hernández 2-A
August 18th
Emilio Villarreal 2-A       August 19th                         Federico Velez 2-A
August 21th
Diego García 2-B
August 9th
Mateo Urquiza 3-A
August 8th
Emmanuel Ramirez 4-AAugust 5th
Mateo Villalobos 4-A      
August 22th
Rodrigo Fernández 4-B August 14th                         Yuri Iñigo Hernández 4-B     August 1st
Yago Fernández 4-B       August 14th
Antonio Cortina 4-B
August 24th
Álvaro Pons 5-A             August 12th            
Santiago Arenas 5-B
August 29th
Diego Vasquez Mellado 5-B
August 27th


Manuel Corona 6-B            August 26th
Andrés Guerreiro 6-B
August 27th
Javier Musi 6-B               August 11th
Santiago Sales 6-B         August 20th  
Roberto Mosig 7-A     August 3th
Sebastian Rodríguez 7-A   August 31st
Eugenio Guzmán 7-B
August 30th
José Pablo Ferrer 8-A
August 5th  


Oscar Guzmán 9-B            August 10th
Santiago Sandoval 9-B
August 25th


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