Northridge School Mexico came to life thanks to the commitment of a group of people whose aim was to improve the educational level of the future leaders of our country. After years of planning, the school was founded in 2008 by 50 families who believed in shared values and entrusted the education of their children to this new educational model, certain that this was the best way to help forge their future.

This vision has been brought to life by fundamental coupling of:

- Bicultural academic excellence and the integral education of our students.

- Northridge School Mexico is a long-term project that seeks to become the best all-boys school in the country.


To unveil and develop the individual potential of each student as a positive leader for his country, as well as foster social awareness and active influence, which is of the utmost importance for our nation.

We aim to achieve this by building our academic programs on the foundations of the Catholic virtues and spiritual formation.


At Northridge School Mexico, we believe that Mexico's future requires giving a higher priority to educational projects that focus on the development of leaders as agents of change, prepared and willing to construct what is needed, as they firmly uphold humanity's universal values.